Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer with Grandparents

This past week while Austin and Niki were on a mission trip to New Orleans (this blog will come later), Coby and Kelsey got to stay with the grandparents in Denmark. Poor Ricky had to hold down the fort in Walhalla! Here are some pictures of Coby & Kelsey during their stay with MeMe.
They love going to work with MeMe at Subway, where they put on their hats, shirts, aprons and get busy helping out the staff.

Coby changing the air filter...

and washing DISHES!

Kelsey gathering the chips for the chip rack in the lobby...

I think this was the funniest part of working...breaking down the cardboard boxes!

After a hard days work, they went to Barnwell to feed the ducks. Kelsey said they must be starving since she hasn't been to feed them in 2 YEARS!

Coby's "breakfast of champions" - Frosted Flakes covered in BANANAS!

Hopefully, this chocolate was NOT part of Kelsey's breakfast!

Little MeMe...

One day they went to Walterboro to visit Jumoma (their great grandmother) and cousin Brandon. Coby had been asking to go see the football stadium next to Jumoma's house where "Radio" was filmed. Brandon helped him climb on top of the goal post.

Downtown Walterboro... a waterfall and park area.

Then, on the way home from Walterboro, they stopped on the side of the road to run through a corn field.

What happy days at MeMe's house!!! They also got to build a fort in MeMe's back yard, ride bikes, and swim with their friends who live down the street. Coby even had Granddaddy chop down some bamboo for the fort. Thanks MeMe, PopPop, MaMa and Granddaddy for taking care of them!

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