Saturday, May 23, 2009


This weekend our friends, Sue and Jim, have asked us to dogsit their Jack Russell. His name is Moto, and he's 2 1/2 years old. Just before Christmas 2006, Sue talked us into getting Moto's sister as our family pet, and then we decided in January 2007 that we would be leaving for Africa, so we gave her up to another family since we were leaving the country. We are keeping Moto until Monday. Today he was very intrigued by the koi pond outside and he did take a little dip in the pond to eat the fish food. Isn't he so cute?
We have made the decision that we are getting a family pet. She is only 5 weeks old now so we have to wait until she is 8 weeks before picking her up. She lives in Georgia and we will get her by mid-June. Her name is Victoria (chosen by the owners), and she is a F1b labradoodle. She has very light hair with some waves and the owners think she has turned out to be the smallest. She has a little bit of darker tones in her face and a liver colored nose. We have debated on her name for the past several days because Victoria is too long of a name to be calling over and over. We like the name "Lizzie" but we cannot come to a unanimous decision. I hope we make our decision before she gets used to Victoria. This is her at 4 weeks old (courtesy of ). Can you guess what our summer will entail?

Another beautiful sunset from our house

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

Coby's Final Game of the Season

Well, it's the final game of the season and my camera finally made it's way into my hands. Coby has enjoyed playing baseball this year in the 10&Under group. He starts his county tournament next week. He's been playing 3rd base this season.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Double Header

Tonight Austin's team had a double-header. During the 1st game, Austin got to pitch. They won both games to end the season, and we start county tournament next week.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Austin's Baseball Tournament

This morning Austin was scheduled to play in a baseball tournament in Seneca. At the same time, Niki was scheduled to attend a meeting in Walhalla. Mama & Granddaddy were on their way to Seneca to watch the game, and Coby was staying at Hunter's. By 11am my meeting was over and I didn't think I had time to make it to Austin's game since it was supposed to be over at 11:30am, so Kelsey and I went home to get ready for the recital. We get the report at 11:30am that the game is tied and they are playing until someone wins. Austin's team was losing 6-1 in the 3rd inning, but Austin led the 4th inning with a line drive into left field. He came to bat 3 times during this games and got on base every time. They ended up winning 10-6 and had to wait to play the next game. In the meantime, the rest of us got ready and went on to the recital at 1:15pm. After watching Kelsey's performance we all went back to the ballgame to see Austin's team lose 9-7 after a time call on the game. They may have come back to win it if there had been enough time left to play.
This is Austin up to bat (red shirt, left handed)...
This is Austin crossing home plate...

Dance Recital 2009

Kelsey takes Jazz from Unlimited Talent Dance Studio in Seneca, SC. Since coming home in January, she started class a little later than the other students, but she caught on really fast to learn the dance routine. They did a dance to Hannah Montana's song entitle "Nobody's Perfect."
Here is Kelsey backstage waiting her turn to dance.

Here's our row...Coby, Sue, Megan, Mama, Granddaddy, Ricky, and me taking the photo.

And now in action on the dance floor...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blog block

For the past several weeks I have really had a blog block. There just seems like nothing new or interesting to blog about. Our days are filled with kids going to school, boys playing baseball, going to church events, Kelsey's dance classes, paying bills, cleaning house...okay, you get the idea! Speaking of baseball, I did capture a couple of pictures with my cell phone the other night at Austin's game. They ended up losing 5-4, but Austin scored one of the runs.
You can barely see Austin, but he's standing on 2nd base waiting for the hit.

As soon as the ball was hit he ran to 3rd and the coach waved him on to home plate. That's him in running action (red shirt) heading towards home where he safely made it without sliding!

When we purchased our house, the owner had his horses kept in our backyard and we agreed to let them stay until his field was established and he could move them. Kelsey has really enjoyed having those horses in our backyard. Everyday she makes sure they have water in the trough, and now she is brushing them when they come to the fence. She took these photos of Wrangler and Rino. They also really like CARROTS and not celery!

Dance recital is Saturday, and Austin is playing in a baseball tournament on Saturday as well. Lots going on these last few days of the school year, and then it's SUMMER time! We have signed up for lots of camps and activities during the summer as well as a mission trip to New Orleans. So maybe I will have something to blog about really soon!