Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Orleans Mission Trip

Our church joined with the North American Mission Board - Project NOAH in New Orleans from June 13-19. We had 45 people go on this trip, with one evangelism team and one construction team. Most of the evangelism group consisted of our youth, and the construction team consisted mainly of adults. I am currently gathering pictures from everyone on the trip, but here are a few pictures so far...
Gentilly Baptist Church, New Orleans...this is where we stayed. Their sanctuary is currently being rebuilt, so they meet in the gym area, which is where our team slept each night. They have the classrooms turned into sleeping quarters for the volunteers of the NOAH project.
You may not be able to tell that this is Austin in the picture above, SWEEPING the gym floor. The youth had chores to do while staying in the church. The adults, however, were allowed to "play" while the kids cleaned! We played a lot of cards this week! Even though I had a bad hand this round, I ended up winning - HAHA!
Construction team members... Matt and Ryan!
Getting our marching orders before the 1st day's work.
We saw many signs like this on the houses that were not rebuilt. These were done by the inspectors right after Hurricane Katrina, to determine if any bodies were recovered in the homes.
My crew installed bamboo hardwood floors during our time there. None of us knew exactly how to install flooring, but we were very good learners, and we completed 3 rooms in 3 days!
My team: Mike, Keith, me, and Morgan. Below, we are installing the last piece of flooring, which we signed on the back as a momento of our accomplishment. Also, below, is our team with the homeowner, Mrs. Flo. She was a very sweet lady, and we learned about her story of her husband leaving her right after the Hurricane hit. She was left to care for 3 teenage children, and rebuild her house with her own funding. She actually purchased all the hardwood flooring and we installed it for free through the NOAH project.
Kim and I after a long days work. We really needed a SHOWER!
I only have a few pictures of the evangelism team. They worked in 2 neighborhoods doing backyard bible clubs and a block party each day. The block party consisted of a slip-n-slide, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, bouncy house, and other fun games.
It is really hard to see in this picture, but Austin is in charge of making the popcorn. He has on a dark colored t-shirt and a ball cap, and he's under the tent.
We did get a chance to visit the French Quarter and eat some bignets at Cafe du Monde.
On the way home we made a pit-stop in Atlanta, staying at a hotel for the night to get some much needed rest, and then went to Whitewater Park before returning home. (Austin is pictured 2nd from the left)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Visit with Dustin

Our friends, Sue and Jim, are having their nephew visit from Indiana this week. We have not seen Dustin since before we left for Africa and it was really good to see him again. Whenever he comes to visit South Carolina and Aunt Sue, he has to come visit our Subway. We let him come behind the counter and make his own sandwich, which makes his day! Yesterday, we met Dustin and Sue at Subway for lunch, and Lizzie was there to meet Dustin, too. Dustin also got a new Subway shirt for being our favorite customer!!!

Dog Days of Summer

It is really HOT these days. And our little Lizzie cannot stand to go outside in the heat. She usually does her "business" pretty quickly and runs back to the door begging to come inside. Once inside, she crashes onto the air vent and chills out for a while. She has found several air vents that she likes to sit on during the day, even if they are not running:)

She had her 1st bath the other day in Kelsey's huge shower area. It was nice to just get in there with our bathing suits on and wash her down. She could run around and shake all she wanted.

She's doing very well at night in her crate. She whines just a little when we put her in, but then she goes to sleep like a good girl:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lizzie is HOME

We left Denmark on Monday morning and headed to Statesboro, Ga where we were meeting Lizzie. We all were very excited to finally meet her.Coby & Kelsey getting the first kisses!

Then Mom gets a turn to hold her.

And now it's time to go for a long ride to Seneca, SC. The kids decided they would pass her around every 10 minutes until everyone got a turn to hold her in the car. Then, she was free to lay down and rest for the remainder of the ride.

We had to make a few potty stops along the way. And not to mention a water break, she was very thirsty.

We made it home, and she likes her new house. She has been slipping around on the hardwood floors cause she's not used to the slick floors. It is hilarious to watch her run and skid across the floor. She likes her new toys we bought her also. Last night (her first night) she slept pretty well in her crate. She woke up around 3am crying, so Ricky took her out, then she slept until 7am. She also got to meet Moto last night when Sue & Jim came over. They enjoyed playing with each other and checking one another out. One thing she really likes is lying across the air vents on the floor. She has found that to keep her cool on these hot days of summer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer with Grandparents

This past week while Austin and Niki were on a mission trip to New Orleans (this blog will come later), Coby and Kelsey got to stay with the grandparents in Denmark. Poor Ricky had to hold down the fort in Walhalla! Here are some pictures of Coby & Kelsey during their stay with MeMe.
They love going to work with MeMe at Subway, where they put on their hats, shirts, aprons and get busy helping out the staff.

Coby changing the air filter...

and washing DISHES!

Kelsey gathering the chips for the chip rack in the lobby...

I think this was the funniest part of working...breaking down the cardboard boxes!

After a hard days work, they went to Barnwell to feed the ducks. Kelsey said they must be starving since she hasn't been to feed them in 2 YEARS!

Coby's "breakfast of champions" - Frosted Flakes covered in BANANAS!

Hopefully, this chocolate was NOT part of Kelsey's breakfast!

Little MeMe...

One day they went to Walterboro to visit Jumoma (their great grandmother) and cousin Brandon. Coby had been asking to go see the football stadium next to Jumoma's house where "Radio" was filmed. Brandon helped him climb on top of the goal post.

Downtown Walterboro... a waterfall and park area.

Then, on the way home from Walterboro, they stopped on the side of the road to run through a corn field.

What happy days at MeMe's house!!! They also got to build a fort in MeMe's back yard, ride bikes, and swim with their friends who live down the street. Coby even had Granddaddy chop down some bamboo for the fort. Thanks MeMe, PopPop, MaMa and Granddaddy for taking care of them!