Monday, November 1, 2010

"Fall" Family Fun

While the crisp, cool air approaches this Fall, here's some of the highlights from the last month.

Clemson / Maryland game - parade

Kelsey and Niki in parade

Kelsey and Niki on sidelines just before pre-game show.

Kelsey participating in "Tiger Dancer for a Day"

CJ Spiller ready to run down the hill with Dabo.
Cleveland Dog Park in Greenville
Lizzie giving Austin a "High Four"
Getting water from the doggie fountain.
Kelsey found some furry friends.

Carving pumpkins with Aunt Laurie & Uncle Mark
Mark & Coby's pumpkin
Laurie & Kelsey's pumpkin
Kelsey's 1st Halloween costume on Saturday night...Spa Princess (minus the bath robe cause she was hot).
Kelsey's 2nd Halloween costume on Sunday night...Hillbilly Girl.
Niki as a spider at Trunk-n-Treat
Blue Ridge Mountains view somewhere between Highlands, NC and Dillard, GA. We took my grandfather, Papa, into the mountains for the day. We picked apples, saw a waterfall, looked at the leaf color, and ate a grand meal at the Dillard House.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random End of Summer

Lizzie watching for people out the windows.
Who do you see?
I want to go outside and play.
OK, now I'm tired!
Coby after getting teeth pulled. Hoping the other teeth come in soon so he can get braces in January 2011.
Last of the tomatoes out of the garden. They went from this...
to this... YUMMY SALSA!
Trying on Daddy's sunglasses!
End of the summer/Back to school get together with friends!
The 4 Freshmen

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Our last adventure of the summer...Atlanta!!!
First, we went to a Braves game...

The next day we went to the Georgia Aquarium...

Petting the stingrays...
Up close and personal with the penguins...

Can you find the snake???
Love these shrimp! Wishing they were cooked!