Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween morning we were up early getting ready for the Homecoming game at Clemson. We arrived early (9:45am) and got into our spot fairly easy.
Ricky's brothers and their families joined us as we celebrated Mr. Ben's 75th birthday. Ricky cooked BBQ and I made 3 different types of chex mix for my taste testers. I think everyone liked the one made with sweetened condensed milk!
Kelsey with her bib while eating her BBQ!

Ricky tasting the chex mix!
Doesn't he look like he loves me?
OK, so we didn't make Mr. Ben blow out 75 candles, but he sure did a good job taking care of the ones we did put on his cake.
After the game it was time to get dressed up for Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. Coby could not decide what he wanted to dress up as, so as a last minute decision he asked Ricky to paint his face from a design he found on the web. Kelsey had a leopard mask, but she wanted her face painted as well, so I ended up free-handing a design I found off the internet.
This blog post was edited by the one and only Lizzie the Labradoodle.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Our church had its annual Trunk-n-Treat Sunday night. Ricky and I set up our trunk Zambian style. Of course, I was the only one that dressed up! You can't see my Zambian towels that are hanging from each side of the car. And we played "Amazing Voices" on CD so everyone could hear the beautiful voices of our Zambian friends.

Austin helped out with the games. He was in charge of the bouncy house. He wouldn't let me take his picture, so this is what happens when you're trying to hide the fact that you're taking a picture of him. (I think it turned out pretty good with the steeple in the background) We had such a large crowd, and in only 90 minutes 500 hot dogs were gone! I took a picture of almost every child that came to my car for candy, so you can see the other pictures in the slideshow.

Coby was a Clemson Tiger fan. Austin enjoyed painting Coby's face, and his hair is painted orange and purple.

Kelsey and her friend, Brooke, dressed up. Kelsey is a leopard (carrying her Lozi basket from Zambia).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kelsey's First Swim Meet

Kelsey getting ready to race
Warm-ups before the race

Diving in for the breast stroke

Kelsey did very well her first meet. We are very proud of her!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Neglect

I find there is not much to blog about these days. I spend time reading so many blogs that I sometimes neglect my own. And I really cannot stand to post anything without a picture! So, I took this picture the other day of Lizzie running around with the horses. They have become quite friendly with one another, and Lizzie enjoys being outside where she can run free for a change of pace. She is usually taking naps inside all day until the kids get home from school. She has really grown since my last post. We weighed her at home yesterday and she is all of 42 pounds now. Her favorite place to snooze is on the porch where it's nice and cool this October.

In other news...I (Niki) will be having surgery on Tuesday, October 20th to remove my gallbladder which is functioning at 8%, compared to the normal 35% or greater.