Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lizzie is HOME

We left Denmark on Monday morning and headed to Statesboro, Ga where we were meeting Lizzie. We all were very excited to finally meet her.Coby & Kelsey getting the first kisses!

Then Mom gets a turn to hold her.

And now it's time to go for a long ride to Seneca, SC. The kids decided they would pass her around every 10 minutes until everyone got a turn to hold her in the car. Then, she was free to lay down and rest for the remainder of the ride.

We had to make a few potty stops along the way. And not to mention a water break, she was very thirsty.

We made it home, and she likes her new house. She has been slipping around on the hardwood floors cause she's not used to the slick floors. It is hilarious to watch her run and skid across the floor. She likes her new toys we bought her also. Last night (her first night) she slept pretty well in her crate. She woke up around 3am crying, so Ricky took her out, then she slept until 7am. She also got to meet Moto last night when Sue & Jim came over. They enjoyed playing with each other and checking one another out. One thing she really likes is lying across the air vents on the floor. She has found that to keep her cool on these hot days of summer.

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