Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinterest Inspired

I guess it was sometime around Thanksgiving that I heard the word 'Pinterest' and I had no idea what it was. A friend of mine had told me that she made some coasters out of tile by using the ideas from this site. Well, I had to check it out!  Now, she did warn me that it can be addicting, and, girl, she was RIGHT!

Basically, it's a site where people 'pin' their favorite recipes, diy projects, teacher ideas, fashion advice, quotes/sayings, anything and everything. When you get an "invite" then you can start pinning as well.  If you see something you like, you just click on the picture and it takes you to the website/blog where that person created the particular thing. Very neat idea, I think.

So, after perusing the site a bit, I was ready to get started on some DIY projects myself.  Here are some things that I have created which was inspired by Pinterest!!!

 This is my ribbon tree. Made from styrofoam cone, I first used aluminum foil to cover the cone, and then began wrapping ribbon around it making loops in the ribbon and securing with a straight pin. Alternating the ribbon colors until the top and then I used a different ribbon for a bow at the top of the tree. The base is another styrofoam piece covered in foil and wrapped with ribbon. And then I secured them together with a wooden skewer to give height to the tree. I got my inspiration from this website. I saw the wire trees and then researched what else I could do with styrofoam cones, and voila..I have my centerpiece for my snow themed dining room!
 And here's another tree I made. This time I covered the styrofoam cone in white tissue paper (cause I didn't want the green to show), and then using burlap rope string, I just wrapped the cone from bottom to top. I had to use hot glue to make sure it stayed in place. Because I covered the foam in tissue paper, this will allow me to change my design by removing the twine and paper and I can create something else :)
 DIY project #2 - grab some pinecones in the yard, spray paint white, add some glitter spray, then go to Walmart for their 50% off Christmas stuff, and there you have it... a gold and wintery centerpiece I use on my buffet table. Cost: $4
Another centerpiece I put together using things I already had and a few items found on the clearance shelf after Christmas. The runner was purchased at Big Lots (lots of 50% off items there), silver & white branch found at Tuesday Morning (50% off), and glass hurricane also at Tuesday Morning (clearance). Candle votive holders I already had, and just popped in some blue candles. And then I filled the hurricane with a few blue ornaments from this year. I'm loving the blue, silver, white theme I have going on :)
 So, I made this centerpiece for the dining room table. I used an old photo frame trimmed in natural wood color. I removed the matting which displayed 3 pictures, and I filled the frame with fake snow. It's hard to see the snow through the glass (mainly because I covered it with so many 'creation' but you get the idea). Again, Walmart had so many 50% off Christmas items that I kinda went a little wild with the blue, silver & white theme. You can see my 2 trees I made (twine and ribbon tree) in the center. And you can see a hint of my blue placemats I picked up at Burkes (on clearance of course). Total cost (excluding my diy trees): $10
 A close-up of the snow-filled frame and my trees.
 This is my front door(s). We use the center one if you're wanting to know :)  Anyway, I bought these snowflakes at the Dollar Tree before Christmas, and decided to keep them up after Christmas to tie in with my snow theme. Maybe we will get the real SNOW soon!
 Isn't this snowman just the cutest thing. Tuesday Morning clearance!
 Another snowman I couldn't resist at Tuesday Morning in the clearance section!
 Some more of my white and glittered pinecones inside this glass hurricane, topped with some fake snow and a blue candle. This is my "snow" themed guest bathroom.
 Snow themed guest towels (Big Lots 50% off) & my favorite addition to the bathroom is this soap/lotion dispenser I found at The Container Store in Atlanta (woot, woot). Notice my blue soap I used to go with my theme :)
 And the bathroom would not be complete without a snow themed shower curtain, and yes, it was 50% off at Big Lots. You might can't see it, but I also found a little fingertip towel in blue that says "Let it Snow" and it was also 50% off. I love a sale!!!
 I also love using things I already have. Like this snowman mat as you come into the dining room.
Just a little snowman ornament I picked up on clearance at Tuesday Morning for 50 cents !!!!

OK, OK I am obsessed with my SNOW theme. And I am obsessed with Pinterest! One of the things I like about Pinterest is the organization ideas they have. I am literally organizing every room in my house because of this website. Here's one of the things I did to organize my spice cabinet:
 I got my inspiration from this website. Hers looks a little prettier than mine, but I wanted to stay with the stainless because that's what I have in my kitchen. So, I went to Lowes and found the metal sheet already cut to size ($9), and then using some liquid nail caulk, I just glued it to the inside of the cabinet (no screws used at all). Then I purchased the stainless magnetic spice containers from The Container Store and filled them with my most-used spices. I made labels for the outside of each container, and now it's so much easier to find what I am looking for in my spice cabinet.
 I wish I had a before picture so you could see what a mess this cabinet was. I would literally have to take everything out just to find the spice I needed. Now, it's organized!
The containers actually twist to reveal a wide opening for pouring, and another opening for sprinkling. I LOVE them.
Another organizing project I did was in my closet. I have a lot of flip-flops and sandals. So I was looking at pinterest one day and I saw this neat idea to hang your flip-flops instead of them being on the floor or in a shoe box.
I would like to dress the hangers up a little using some fabric. But my main priority was getting them up on the hangers, and so my next project will be dressing them up a bit. I have more flip flops, but I ran out of wire hangers, so I had to stop. Don't you love this idea!?

Well, thanks for letting me share my creations with you. I hope you were inspired by some of these ideas. Now, it's time for some more DIY Projects and Organizing!!! Happy Pinning!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Photos

So, I'm uploading pictures from our cell phones to the computer, thus the title of this blog.
Here are a few of our "photogenic" son, Coby:
Coby and Hunter with "pie-in-the-face" during VBS
I believe Coby is trying to imitate his "Me-Me"
Clemson sports fanatic

And, now a collection of our 4-legged member of the family, Lizzie:
Before getting groomed (above)
After getting groomed...and sitting so pretty on the couch :)
Sports fanatic #2
I do believe the blood is going to rush to her head if she continues sleeping like this!

Fall trip to Nashville, TN:
Leaf colors were beautiful
Seeing friends from Zambia
Seeing a picture taken by Suzie Rodgers in Zambia during the feeding trip that Ricky was a part of in 2010.
Our 1st time at this BBQ place in Smoaks, SC
A little advertisement for B&D BBQ...try it sometime!
Kelsey had her face painted at the Oktoberfest in Walhalla 2011
Kelsey, Coby, and Georgia at Isaqueena Falls
Stumphouse Tunnel and Train

Georgia and Kelsey at the overlook just above Walhalla
And finally, a video that captures the life of our dog. She was having a good dream obviously, and was doing a little running in her sleep:)

All-County Band

Congratulations to COBY COOK! He was chosen to be a member of the 2011 All-County Band! They will be attending the All-County Band Clinic at Southern Wesleyan University next week. Coby plays the TUBA!