Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brasstown Falls

Our adventure today led us about 16 miles past Westminster to Brasstown Falls in the Sumter National Forest. We took Lizzie along for this hike so she could run some energy and play in the water. After all that hiking and swimming, it was time for lunch - at SUBWAY, of course!

Can you see Austin and Coby under the waterfall?
Coby and Austin found these red fish swimming in the shallow water. Coby even caught one with his bare hands!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend at MB

This weekend we went to Myrtle Beach for a short 2 night stay. Our main objective for going was to get to see the Rodgers family who are visiting from Zambia. Kelsey was so excited to see Hannah after 6 months. They picked up right where they left off. Thanks, Rodgers, for letting us spend some time with you and your family!

Kelsey's Swim Lessons

Last week Kelsey had swim lessons at Mrs. Debbie's. It was a very busy week including VBS, Basketball Camp, Dog Obedience Class, and dance class. Here are a couple of pics from swim lessons.

Friday, July 17, 2009

VBS Week

Coby arrived home on Sunday just in time for VBS. After the first night, my mom gave Lizzie and the kids a treat. The kids got a box of whales (like goldfish), and Lizzie got her own "goldfish" toy to chew on. She really liked it!!!

Here are Coby and Cameron heading to the front of the church for VBS.

The first 2 nights of VBS, Niki was asked to fill-in for Mrs. Betsy on the music. Here we are singing the Boomerang Express song. All Aboard!!!

Other fun photos from VBS. The last 3 nights, I was the photographer.
Coby being silly.
Ricky spent the whole week helping out with the bus kids, riding to and from the pick-ups. But one night he got to be a "real live missionary" for the missions station when they were talking about Africa and Tanzanian street kids.
Below is Coby's class - 5th and 6th graders!
Below is Kelsey's class - 3rd and 4th graders!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Take a Hike

A week ago we decided to go up in the mountains to find some new waterfalls of Oconee County. We thought we had not been to this one, but once we were there, Ricky realized he had been before. But it was a first for the rest of us. It was only a one mile hike once we left the truck, and we saw 2 waterfalls on the trail - PigPen and Lick Log Falls. The kids enjoyed climbing the falls and exploring in the water where they found a snake, of course (see last picture).

Kids in front of Pig Pen Falls

Mom and kids in front of Lick Log Falls.

Kelsey following Austin up the falls.

Coby looking for the snake.

Not sure what kind of snake this was?

New Discoveries

This week Lizzie has made some new discoveries. First, she met her new cousin, Riley, which is my sister's new dog. Riley is a one year old Bichon Frise Maltese. We met up with Laurie, Mark, and my mom on Friday so they could pick up Coby for the week.

Lizzie's next new discovery is the stairs. She has finally made it up to the top, but she is afraid to come down them. It won't be long before the gate has to be put up.
And just at the bottom of the stairs is our guest bath, which Lizzie has discovered to be quite interesting. She loves to watch the water swirl around in the toilet, and thankfully she has not learned to drink the water.

Last night we watched her as she discovered how to eat and relax at the same time. She was literally laying in her bowl and eating.

She has also learned how to paw at her water bowl and make a big mess on the floor. Luckily we have hardwood floors that just need a mopping after she's done playing in her water.