Friday, August 14, 2009

Snake Stories

I wish it would have been lighter for you to see this! Some friends of ours were over (playing cards, of course) and the kids yelled to us that the snake was out. We have been watching this snake for several weeks now and can't seem to catch him. So, Ricky and our friend, Steve, went running out, and the first thing Ricky grabbed was the shovel. Well, Steve was looking for somethign to grab so he saw the kids butterfly net nearby. Here are two grown men looking for a snake with a shovel and a net!The snake would come out on occasion, but he was not out far enough for us to catch.

FINALLY, the other night we caught him and killed him. I was not at home to catch the action on camera, but the story goes that Austin shot it with the gun and Ricky jumped in the pond with the shovel to finish him off. Here are the remains of what we think is a baby Copperhead.

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