Sunday, August 16, 2009

Accidents Happen

It began such a lovely day hiking down the trail to the creek where Lizzie and the boys could cool off and swim. The previous day the boys were down at the creek swimming and trying out the slide. However, this day the water was very low. Coby tried going down the slide, but it was not wet. So they hoisted a trash can full of water up to the top of the slide to wet the slide before going down. Second time down, Coby was moving pretty fast. It crossed Ricky's mind that this could be dangerous, but the boys were having such fun that we didn't want to spoil their afternoon play. Sure enough, the third time down Coby was flying when he hit the end of the slide and twisted into the water. In order to brace himself from the fall he extended his left arm into the water. AND that's when it happened! I knew he was hurt as soon as I saw his face. I yelled for Ricky to go get help. Unfortunately for us, we had not left a vehicle at the end of the subdivision so it was a long way back home by foot. Ricky began running the uphill battle to try and get some help. In the meantime, Austin and I carefully walked Coby out of the woods until Ricky could get back. I was so scared that Ricky was going to pass out running back up the hill to the nearest neighbor's house. It was 90 degrees that day and we had already walked about 1.5 miles to get there. Thankfully the closest neighbor was home and allowed Ricky to borrow their golf cart. He picked us up and we headed to the house. Because we had Lizzie with us, Austin and I stayed at the house to give the dog a bath (she was covered in mud) while Ricky took Coby to the ER. Kelsey was over at a friend's house so she stayed there while this was happening.
Here's the site of the accident! (this picture was taken later in the week after several rains, so the water was actually lower than this on the day of the accident)
This is the view from the top of the slide.
At the ER, Coby had to wait in the hallway because all the rooms were full. The doctor even put the splint on in this hallway. He was hurting really bad during the wait. The xray showed that the radius bone was broken, but luckily it was a clean break and did not require any surgery.
Because he had been swimming, he was still in his wet bathing suit with no shirt. There was sand covering his back and he was chilly in the ER. Coby is a tough little fella though!
The first 48 hours were the toughest for him. He was on pain meds those days, but was able to go to school on Monday (1st day back to school). By Wednesday he had his new cast! He's feeling much better now, and is SO happy that he is right-handed so he can do his homework (NOT!)

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