Monday, August 31, 2009

It's All About ME (the dog)

You know how the baby gets all the attention...well, this baby is getting ALL the attention! She thinks life revolves around HER! She is getting adjusted to not having the kids here Mon-Fri while they are at school. Lizzie and I run errands and clean house during that time, and usually on Mondays she sulks around the house like she's lost her best friends. And she has really, cause during the weekend she plays with Austin, Coby and Kelsey non-stop. She's becoming a momma's girl, for sure. And we're happy to announce that Lizzie has graduated from Puppy Obedience Class with a gold star.
In other news...Kelsey is taking gymnastics once a week, plus she starts the swim team this week in Clemson. Coby, unfortunately, cannot play any sports until the cast comes off. And Austin is working on fundraisers for the 8th grade trip to NYC in May 2010. Not to mention they all have lots of homework this year. Even Mom gets to read the same book as Austin and do a Parent Book Report (that should be interesting!). And, Dad and Mom have decided to go back to Peru in March 2010 for the last mission trip to our church's people group.

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