Saturday, February 13, 2010


It's a good thing the kids were already out of school today. The snow started around 2-3pm and Lizzie was anxious to get outside.

Kelsey had a time walking Lizzie in the snow. Lizzie just wanted to play and pull on the leash. Meanwhile, Austin begins making a snowman as the sun is setting.

At 7am the next morning, Kelsey was up and ready to go back outside in the snow.
Here's our "snow angel"
Lizzie went out and found that the snowman had a carrot for a nose. She decided Mr. Snowman didn't need that nose so she would just eat it!
Here's our neighborhood with about 3-4 inches of snow.
These are views from our upstairs looking onto the mountains.

Everytime the door opened, Lizzie bolted out onto the porch to eat some snow.
"Mom, please let me go back out!?"
Our house covered in SNOW!

The horses in our backyard.
Footprints in the SNOW...

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