Saturday, May 23, 2009


This weekend our friends, Sue and Jim, have asked us to dogsit their Jack Russell. His name is Moto, and he's 2 1/2 years old. Just before Christmas 2006, Sue talked us into getting Moto's sister as our family pet, and then we decided in January 2007 that we would be leaving for Africa, so we gave her up to another family since we were leaving the country. We are keeping Moto until Monday. Today he was very intrigued by the koi pond outside and he did take a little dip in the pond to eat the fish food. Isn't he so cute?
We have made the decision that we are getting a family pet. She is only 5 weeks old now so we have to wait until she is 8 weeks before picking her up. She lives in Georgia and we will get her by mid-June. Her name is Victoria (chosen by the owners), and she is a F1b labradoodle. She has very light hair with some waves and the owners think she has turned out to be the smallest. She has a little bit of darker tones in her face and a liver colored nose. We have debated on her name for the past several days because Victoria is too long of a name to be calling over and over. We like the name "Lizzie" but we cannot come to a unanimous decision. I hope we make our decision before she gets used to Victoria. This is her at 4 weeks old (courtesy of ). Can you guess what our summer will entail?

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  1. That doesn't look like a Jack Russel to me, are you sure that is right? That puppy you are getting is precious! I have never seen a dog like that.