Friday, May 15, 2009

Blog block

For the past several weeks I have really had a blog block. There just seems like nothing new or interesting to blog about. Our days are filled with kids going to school, boys playing baseball, going to church events, Kelsey's dance classes, paying bills, cleaning house...okay, you get the idea! Speaking of baseball, I did capture a couple of pictures with my cell phone the other night at Austin's game. They ended up losing 5-4, but Austin scored one of the runs.
You can barely see Austin, but he's standing on 2nd base waiting for the hit.

As soon as the ball was hit he ran to 3rd and the coach waved him on to home plate. That's him in running action (red shirt) heading towards home where he safely made it without sliding!

When we purchased our house, the owner had his horses kept in our backyard and we agreed to let them stay until his field was established and he could move them. Kelsey has really enjoyed having those horses in our backyard. Everyday she makes sure they have water in the trough, and now she is brushing them when they come to the fence. She took these photos of Wrangler and Rino. They also really like CARROTS and not celery!

Dance recital is Saturday, and Austin is playing in a baseball tournament on Saturday as well. Lots going on these last few days of the school year, and then it's SUMMER time! We have signed up for lots of camps and activities during the summer as well as a mission trip to New Orleans. So maybe I will have something to blog about really soon!

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