Monday, March 2, 2009


I think we have finally had our last cold spell this winter, and I am looking forward to Spring Time! We were traveling this past weekend when we heard of the report of snow for our area, so we hit the road shortly after lunch on Sunday. As soon as we turned off I-26 onto I-385 the snow began to come down. By the time we got to Greenville, it was sticking to the roads pretty good. We saw a few wrecks along the way, but thankfully, they were not that bad. Our niece, Bretta, was following us back to Clemson and so we stopped at one of our stores in Central to say goodbye to her as she went to her apartment. We drove through the worst of it, and about the time we got into Seneca, it turned to rain. That evening we got bits of snow mixed with rain and just a dusting at our house, but the kids got a day off from school on Monday.

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