Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Photos

So, I'm uploading pictures from our cell phones to the computer, thus the title of this blog.
Here are a few of our "photogenic" son, Coby:
Coby and Hunter with "pie-in-the-face" during VBS
I believe Coby is trying to imitate his "Me-Me"
Clemson sports fanatic

And, now a collection of our 4-legged member of the family, Lizzie:
Before getting groomed (above)
After getting groomed...and sitting so pretty on the couch :)
Sports fanatic #2
I do believe the blood is going to rush to her head if she continues sleeping like this!

Fall trip to Nashville, TN:
Leaf colors were beautiful
Seeing friends from Zambia
Seeing a picture taken by Suzie Rodgers in Zambia during the feeding trip that Ricky was a part of in 2010.
Our 1st time at this BBQ place in Smoaks, SC
A little advertisement for B&D BBQ...try it sometime!
Kelsey had her face painted at the Oktoberfest in Walhalla 2011
Kelsey, Coby, and Georgia at Isaqueena Falls
Stumphouse Tunnel and Train

Georgia and Kelsey at the overlook just above Walhalla
And finally, a video that captures the life of our dog. She was having a good dream obviously, and was doing a little running in her sleep:)

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  1. haha...EVERY time i read your blog, i leave thinking the same thing: you guys have THE most unique dog i have EVER seen in my entire life!!! :) that's awesome!! lol