Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where did March go?

I have been told that I am slacking in the blog department. Seriously, I do have a life, so GIVE ME A BREAK! JK!

Well, I was out of the country in Peru on a mission trip for 9 days; Came home to celebrate my eldest son's belated 14th birthday; Went to baseball games; Spent some time in the doctors offices with Coby (he's fine by the way); Hosted a "Fancy Nancy" table at the missions tea for Kelsey and her friends; Started a 10-week Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) at a new gym; Listened to Austin's stories from his field trip to Georgetown, and listened to Coby's stories from his field trip to Savannah; Spent Spring Break at home with the kids, except for one day at Carowinds; And Celebrated a RISEN LORD!
In the freezing rain at 16,000 feet.
Mission Team to Peru: Preacher Ken, Amanda, Ricky, Niki, Randy
From left to right: Kelsey, Shannon, Brooke, Jansen, Brianne
Kelsey with Lucy at Carowinds

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