Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Myrtle Beach

We had a wonderful, restful time at the beach. We enjoyed sharing time with our friends. This is Emma Elliott, 2 year old daughter of West & Shannon. Doesn't she look happy to be at the beach!?
I didn't know that our friend, Amanda, was such a shell collector. She talked the kids into helping her dig this big hole to search for seashells. They found over 200 shells, including the SC state seashell - the "Lettered Olive." I didn't know we had a state shell?! Look it up - it's true!
Here's Amanda and Kelsey working hard...
And little Emma just having a good time in the sand...
Dig, dig, dig...
Austin, aren't you supposed to be digging?
The hole got so deep we almost lost Amanda...
Emma is burying my feet...
There's Amanda! She didn't get buried after all. (She's actually standing in the hole.)
Harrison celebrated his 6th birthday at the beach.
Happy Birthday, Harrison!
Emma had a little too much CAKE!
After all that cake and digging in the sand, these girls need a BATH...a big bubble bath!
Patrick enjoyed wearing Coby's Clemson wig, but he messed it up with that Carolina hat!

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