Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Job Shadow Day

Yesterday, Austin had the opportunity to shadow someone on the job. He has always been interested in becoming a pilot, so we were able to find a flight instructor at the Oconee County Airport to mentor him for the day. He arrived at 8:45am and followed his mentor around the airport, attending some classes and getting to know more about flying. Mr. Smith, the flight instructor, had to go along with a student on a flight to Athens, GA, so Austin got to ride with them. He loved it! After they returned from Athens, he got to eat lunch with some of the flight students and instructors, and then he observed the mechanics in the shop. At this point, Mr. Smith gave Austin a flight lesson and he let Austin pilot a plane about 10 miles north, flying over Walhalla Middle School. Austin sat in the pilot seat, with Mr. Smith as co-pilot. Once they reached altitude, Austin flew the plane by himself! He was so excited. I took some photos with my cell phone, and Mr. Smith took some while in the plane.
This is leaving Clemson
This is the University of Georgia football stadium in Athens
More pictures of Georgia (these are for our Georgia friends in Zambia)
This is over Walhalla Middle and High School

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