Monday, January 26, 2009


This week has been full of adventures, hence the reason I am behind on my blogging. Our Sunday School class blessed us with meals all week, and so I dodged the cooking another week.
It has been overwhelming for us to be back into the western culture. We look like foreigners going into the stores and shops, like Walmart, KMart, and Big Lots. I just want to touch everything and see how it works. It's like it's all new again.
Also new, was our first Sunday back to our home church. It was nice to see familiar faces and receive such appreciation for our service in Zambia. We ate lunch with several friends on Sunday after church and were able to share more of our stories from Zambia.
It is different being back, but things are getting easier to adjust to each day that goes by.
As part of our adjustment back to the States, we will attend a debriefing conference in Richmond, VA next week. Please pray that all goes well while we are gone. Ricky's parents are keeping the children while we are gone.

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